Azzedine Alaïa

ss 1988 coat dress

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This Azzedine Alaïa reversible coat dress from the spring-summer 1988 collection is a true masterpiece that defies adequate description. The impeccable pattern cutting and sewing techniques used in creating this garment are evident in every detail.

One of the most remarkable features of this coat dress is its reversibility, with both sides portraying the same silhouette and features without any irregularities. The label is discreetly hidden inside one of the side pockets, showcasing Alaia’s attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The stitches on the garment are incredibly minuscule, a remarkable feat considering the weight the seams hold. The chest, sleeves, and back panels are thin and lightweight, devoid of any bulkiness. However, the skirt is made of an abundant amount of fabric, giving the bottom half enormous volume that naturally pleats on top of each other. The construction creates a mesmerising effect when the garment is in motion, as evidenced by the runway show where models twirled and moved their hips to showcase the movement.

To ensure the garment remains wearable, Alaïa opted for a replica taffeta made of acetate as an alternative to its heavier silk counterpart. The garment is still incredibly weighty which radiates a feeling of quality and luxury when worn.

The coat dress also features four sashes attached to the garment, allowing for versatile styling when open or closed. Two back slits on both sides of the waist enable the garment to fasten when closed, draping behind the wearer, while two sashes at the front allow for the creation of a bow. The sashes can also be fastened to the side, as seen on the runway.

This garment can be seen in a campaign image by Paolo Roversi as featured in Alaïa, 1998, published by Azzedine Alaïa and Steidl Editions.